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What does it cost?

Because each roof and ceiling has its own unique character, it is better to request a free quote from Eco-Insulation's professional installer in your area. Very roughly speaking, the cost of R55.00 - R70.00 per square metre (dependant on geographic area) of ceiling area will apply in the case of an average blown thickness of 135 mm.

What temperature difference is possible after installing?

Temperature differences depend on the specific home you have. However the average difference on a hot day between the inside and outside temperatures is often between four to eight degrees cooler. In winter the insulation effectively traps heat that you generate inside the house, or the heat from the sun coming through closed windows, creating a much warmer, more pleasant and comfortable environment.

How can I get it?

It is so simple. On your website there is a map of Southern Africa. Click on your region and this will take you to all the professional installers in your area. Call one of them and that installer will make an appointment to measure your roof and give you a free quote.

Instead, you can also fill in our enquiry form or email one of our expert installers.

Eco-Insulation is known for our service levels. See the glowing feedback we have in the testimonial section of this website. Our product is not a DIY product. The cost of installation is fairly low and our specially developed pumps will deliver Eco-Insulation into every corner and crevice of your attic. It is well worth that cost to get a professionally installed product.

What happens in case of fire?

Treated with a specially formulated fire retardant, Eco-Insulation is tested and classified in accordance with SANS 428 and is fire rated B/B1/2 – In the event of fire Eco-Insulation's product retards the spread of flame. There is serious evidence that shows that your home is better protected against the spread of fire in the roof when there is Eco-Insulation present. Above all, note that Eco-Insulation is approved by the South African Bureau of Standards. We are a proud SABS Mark-holder and this is the customer's warranty of our product performance.

What happens if it gets wet from rain, a pipeburst or geyser burst?

In the event of a geyser burst in the ceiling, Eco-Insulation's product will usually help to contain the leak and the insulation will over a period of time dry out. Note however that in the event of a serious water leak or spillage, the weight of the water taken up into the insulation could mechanically damage or breach the ceiling. The product's thermal insulating properties will be lower when wet, but will quickly return to normal once the product has dried. It is however better to fix or prevent roof leaks, as water will damage the ceiling and may cause electrical problems with your wiring or geyser. In instances of a prolonged leak an Eco-Insulation team is only a phonecall away and damage repair may often be done in the course of a standard householders insurance claim. During normal conditions, Eco-Insulation's product does not attract moisture. The insulating fibres have a natural ability to handle moisture. Moisture vapour in the air is absorbed and released depending upon the relative humidity of the surrounding air. The insulation fibres retain a natural moisture level between 5 to 8% by weight, as much as 15% has no effect on the thermal insulating characteristics.


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