How does Eco-Insulation work?

The hot African sun shines on the roof of your home or office causing the attic area inside your roof to become a virtual oven, often reaching temperatures of up to 60°C. This heat is transferred through the ceiling into your home and so makes your living space unbearably hot, causing the occupants headaches, diminished concentration, irritation and discomfort. Eco-Insulation is an absolute necessity and will reduce the downward heat flow by up to 86%

During the freezing winter months, you generate heat inside your dwelling using electric heaters, gas heaters or the fireplace. This heat is only a temporary active remedy and gives a false sense of comfort. The moment you extinguish the heat source, much of the heat so generated rises and escapes into the atmosphere. Eco-insulation provides a passive solution and will reduce the upward heat loss by up to 89%. You need only install this world-class product. In addition, occupants will not experience that hot dry air discomfort normally experienced with artificially generated heat.

With Eco-Insulation, simply generate enough heat until you are comfortable, then switch off the heat source and Eco-Insulation will now retain the heat in your home for many hours thereafter. Eco-Insulation significantly reduces your electricity account in winter.