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Beware of Unaccredited product

The rising cost of energy has seen the entry of several fly by night operators in the SA market. Built environment professionals are advised to insist on both TIPSASA membership, Product Compliance Certification (PCC) and full SABS product certification. If the product does not bear the SABS Mark, it is not SABS approved. A SABS certificate of testing does not equate with SABS approval.

In contrast, Eco-Insulation has been around for at least 10 years, carries full SABS and TIPSASA PCC approvals, is fire-rated and has won prestigious awards such as the Excellence Award from the Southern African Energy Efficiency Association and the National Productivity Institute. Eco-Insulation was selected by highly qualified engineers above other products as the product of choice in the energy efficiency project at the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) and South African Astronomical Observatory complexes in Sutherland of the Karoo, N Cape – an extreme climate indeed. This project has received considerable publicity because a 20% saving in energy cost was achieved in an extreme and hostile climate. It was an Energy Saving Project finalist at the SAAE Awards in 2011.