About Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption in South Africa measured against output (GDP) is very high compared to other countries other than the USA. In the past, the use of insulation materials & techniques has been very low. There is a misconception that insulation in building is not essential and regarded as a luxury item due to the low cost of electricity.

This is changing rapidly; cheap fuel such as coal has not been used to South Africa's advantage as a non-renewable resource and has rather been wasted by burning for energy (electricity). This is very bad for the future because the abuse has diminished our long-term resource and contributed to creating environmental pollution and ultimately global warming. Also peak demand for electricity during the winter exceeds capacity, which Eskom can cost effectively supply to most homes at an affordable rate.

With the introduction of SANS 204, "Energy Efficiency in Buildings", by SA Bureau Standards,everything is set to change and developers will be considering what materials to specify in their projects in order to achieve efficient thermal performance. For example, The first low-cost homes that were built under the RDP were not at all energy efficient.

Eco-Insulation represents a highly cost-effective and extremely safe choice for both ceiling and cavity thermal insulation. Eco-Insulation has been honoured by receiving the Southern African Energy Efficiency Association's Company of the Year Excellence Award.