Why insulate your home?

Insulate your home to keep it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Save the electricity that would be used by heating or cooling.

“It’s a very high value product that can give significant indoor climate comfort and show financial savings immediately and ongoing over the years.” – Cecil Homan, Eco-Insulation Founder

Eco-Insulation, is extremely environment-friendly and made from 100% recycled newsprint. Most importantly, Eco-Insulation is one of the only insulating materials to be fully biodegradable, where recycling back into insulation is not possible.



Why use Eco-Insulation?

eEco-Insulation is a fully SABS-approved, certified product.sep-lineseWarming and cooling - Eco-Insulation has a product specification for each climatic zone in South Africa and gives an above average control of the flow of heat (R-Value).sep-lineseSave energy – reduce electricity or gas bills by insulating. Payback within a short number of months.sep-lineseNoise reduction – legendary performance – for a quieter home all round.sep-lineseEco-Insulation contains only natural recycled materials - no glass, plastic or other harmful synthetic products.

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  • quote1What a difference!!!! You know how hot it is today- close to 40 degrees !!– and our house is so much more livable. The best part is, that it is cool throughout the house. I am impressed - I think your product is every penny worth!! And I will definitely recommend this product!! Thank you for your great service! And being part of our lives in this way!! May your business grow from strength to strength.quote2 Juanita & Casper
  • quote1Brilliant! We cannot believe the difference it has made. We have had friends and family remark on how cool our home is in comparison to theirs. We had been considering putting in air-conditioning however after we installed Eco-Insulation we found it was not necessary.quote2The Thompsons
  • quote1Well done Eco-Insulation! We have now had a winter and a summer since you installed and it was like being in a different house. Last summer before we had the insulation it was so hot that the kids could not sleep, well enough that I say the family slept well this last summer. I kick myself for not having had it done years ago; our home is just so much more comfortable, winter, summer and then some!quote2Susan
  • quote1I can personally recommend Eco-Insulation and their product. Efficient service and installation of a product that does what they say it will do. All in all a very pleasant experience and we are loving our warmer home. Contact them, you won't regret it.quote2Bryan - July 2013
  • quote1Thanks for a great product, with an even greater service. The change in environment was immediate and vast. My girlfriend and I are in 7th heaven - nice and toasty Cannot believe I have not done this years ago. Rest assured I'll be punting this products to friends and colleagues alike. Very happy customer. quote2Shameel
  • quote1I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your product. The difference in temperature between low-ceiling & high-ceiling areas have been well tested since you did the installation and proved beyond doubt that Eco-Insulation is the way to go.quote2Marylynn