FAQs - Performance

How does Eco-Insulation differ to other popular brands such as the brightly-coloured spun glass product or the plastic fibre variety – mats or batts?
  • Eco-Insulation is machine blown and it can therefore offer greater performance value than some other fibrous insulations. Its higher density and perfect fit dramatically reduce air leakage and air convection.
  • Eco-Insulation is one of few products that genuinely allow for 100% coverage of the area under insulation. The product forms a seamless blanket of natural fibres that provide outstanding protection from temperature extremes. When our product is pneumatically pumped into ceilings and cavities by means of specialised apparatus, it assumes a fluid consistency that allows product to flow into hidden spaces and around obstructions to completely fill the area being treated – and also seals off draughts, an important factor influencing thermal performance of product in the roof.
  • Eco-Insulation's cellulose fibre insulation is non-allergenic and non-toxic.
  • Eco-Insulation is genuinely enviro-friendly because it is made from harmless recycled newsprint blended with inorganic salts. The manufacturing process requires very little energy and so the “carbon footprint” of our product is relatively low, given that the recycled newsprint waste stream exists. Other products such as glass and plastic, although they may come from recycling operations, use considerably more energy and chemical resources to recycle into insulation.
What is the lifespan of the product?
The replaceable life of insulation as classified in the SANS 10400-XA legislation (Energy Usage in Buildings) is considered to be fifteen years. Like any building material, insulation after a prolonged period needs some maintenance. After fifteen years, it is recommended that you have your local installer pop out and refresh it to is initial installed state.
Will rats or insects will enjoy it because it is paper.
Eco-Insulation's product is unfriendly to rodents; although not harmful they find the material irritating and therefore prefer to nest elsewhere.
Will it lose flame resistance over the years?
No, accelerated aging tests performed on cellulose insulation have shown that there is no noticeable degradation over time. Eco-Insulation offers a limited lifetime warranty which includes the permanency to the fire retardant treatment for the life of the structure.
Is Eco-Insulation a fire hazard because it's made of recycled newspapers?
No, Eco-Insulation is SABS approved. As such, it has been tested to the highest standards under SANS SANS 428 and is fire rated B/B1/2. The product rating means “No Spread of Flame” In some cases it actually acts to slow down the spread of accidental fire in the roof, or holds the structure together for longer protecting both life and property.
Do I have to top-up after a couple of years?
Under normal circumstances, no. All loose-fill insulation settles after installation. So in accordance with national building codes Eco-Insulation is specified and installed at a settled density. The weight and bag count of required material on Eco-Insulation's coverage chart provides the exact information pertaining to the amount of insulation that must be installed to produce the specified R-Value.