FAQs - Safety

I have asthma, or my children suffer from allergies. Will this product affect us at all?
Eco-Insulation's cellulose fibre insulation is non-allergenic and non-toxic. The product consists of harmless cellulose (paper) fibres that are not a known allergen. To this cellulose is added an environmentally-friendly flame retardant, similar to well known household chemical, borax.
We have had rats nesting in our ceiling; won't the insulation just encourage them?
Eco-Insulation's product is unfriendly to rodents; although not harmful they find the material irritating and therefore prefer to nest elsewhere.
We have a very old house and I think lots of bugs in our ceiling, how will the insulation affect them?
Eco-Insulation's product does not contain insecticides but is treated with a special additive that is unpleasant to insects of all kinds. The insulation rids the ceiling of insects and ensures they do not return.