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When South African builders and installers needs to get the job done, Eco-Insulation Cellulose Fibre Insulation is the most trusted insulation designed for our unique environment and build. Plus we are always in stock, quick to install and ready to be rolled out to your site. 

Proven performance and quality: We are committed to ensuring that every piece of Eco-Insulation Cellulose Fibre Insulation manufactured provides the same quality, durability and performance. To prove this, we have independent credentials that provide assurance of the quality of our products.

It's time to get some climate control with quality Roof Insulation!

SABS /SANS Approved

As the national standardisation authority, the SABS is mandated to develop, promote and maintain South African National Standards (SANS); promote quality in connection with commodities, products and services for the South African economy.

As part of the SANS 10400-XA appraisal process we are deemed to comply with the durability requirements of the South African Building Code. These independent appraisals verify that the products are fit for purpose:

Tipsasa Quality

Thermal Insulation Products & Systems Association SA is a non-profit company that consists of manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and consultants in the South African Thermal Insulation Industry.

Eco-Insulation also has the necessary Product Compliance Certificate (PCC)  issued by the Thermal Insulation Products & Systems Association of South Africa (TIPSASA), which is the prerequisite qualification for project compliance under the SANS 10400-XA standard.

Quality Standards

Eco-Insulation Cellulose Fibre insulation is manufactured in our factory with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 certification adhering to an international quality management system. Our Cellulose Fibre insulation manufacturing process is continually assessed to ensure production meets those quality standards.

Environmental Sustainability: While creating quality products, we are always looking at our plant and processes to see if further improvements can be made to reduce impact on environment.


Eco-Insulation Cellulose Fibre insulation, is made from 100% recycled newspapers and is non-combustible, meaning it won’t catch fire or melt easily when exposed to a flame.

Health & Safety: An integral part of our social responsibility is offering a product that is safe to install and use with no negative short or long term health effects.

Fast and Easy Installation

We offer a turnkey service i.e. we both supply & install the insulation. Our product solution is delivered to site in our dedicated vehicles, it is then pneumatically pumped into the ceiling cavity by our own installation teams using our own specialised equipment.

Installation is quick and efficient; depending on your roofing type, installation is done either through the trapdoor or through the roof.  Typically, a three-bedroom home is fully installed in three to four hours (see our video of a standard home installation).