Customer Testimonials - Performance

Hi Mark

Just to let you know what a huge difference the insulation makes, I should have done it years ago.



Hi David, just an email to say thank you for your help recommending the above insulation.

I am very pleased with the heating of my house and has made a big difference.

Many thanks

Hallo Dave I want to compliment you and your staff for excellent work done at our home... QUANTUM  D'Urbanvale.  Most definitely the best service we have had in 14 years in Cape Town.  Your advice and input were valuable. Our home is so much cooler. What a huge difference it had made. Please thank your staff on our behalf.

It’s been a week now since you installed. We’ve been following the advice provided on your pamphlets to maximize the benefits of the eco-insulation and I must say we are very impressed. Our home is much, much cooler during the day. I can’t believe it’s 27 degrees outside when it feels like 21 degrees inside the house. Indoors used to be a nightmare with the trapped heat. In fact, our home was often hotter inside than it was outside. Now it is the total opposite. When we step indoors it feels like we’re entering an air-conditioned environment, and yet we don’t have an aircon. It certainly is important to keep windows and doors closed during the day so that the heat can’t enter the home. At night, after sunset, we open all windows and doors and a cool breeze enters the house. I work from home, so this is a huge benefit for me, especially since I am someone who very easily feels hot and bothered. Thank you so much! It was worth every penny.

All the best,


Dear Chimorne , thank you for your message . I'm delighted with the difference it's made to my home, I feel so warm and cosy. I was so impressed with the professional service I received from your staff and shall certainly recommend your company to my friends. Thank you for the added tips

Many thanks,

Kindest regards

Gaye Steward

Sjoe hoe kan mens dankie se vir jul puik en flink diens!!! Jammer dat ek nie hier was toe julle klaar is nie. Dit maak RERIG 'n grooot verskil! Die huis voel reeds warmer! Baie baie dankie!!!

Baie dankie!


Thanks very much, and thanks for the professional installation. We are already much warmer in our house!

Kind regards,


My wife and I live in an old apartment block where there was no insulation. On warm days it felt like we’re sitting under the direct sunlight, but after the team from Eco-Insulation installed their product it feels like a new apartment. Now we are cooler in warm days and warmer on the cooler days.



Yesterday a good test. House much more comfortable and aircon use about 30% less, at least.



Thanks for the speedy and excellent service from yourself and your very efficient team. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Best wishes



I've never worked with a supplier quite like Eco-Insulation! Having contacted Richard for a quote, he replied with one that beat all others. I could not say no, we arranged a date for installation, but what surprised me even more than the price was that no deposit was needed and final payment was only due after the installation! (In all my years with dealing with contractors I've never heard of this!). Client trust relationship of the highest degree... On the day of installation Gary (site manager) and his team were on time and done a sterling job, professional, minimal mess and the job was finished before promised time - (minimal mess; which they cleaned up afterwards as well). What a pleasure working with such a great company, one which I will no doubt recommend to anyone. About the product by the way - Amazing results, our home is now liveable, upon entering we don't get that heat wave that used to be.


Many thanks for the great work and follow up.The insulation definitely made a significant difference in keeping the house cool in a hot day like yesterday. We will study and keep note of the leaflet.Thanks for the great service.

Best regards,


Thanks for a professional service. The installation was really stress & pain free. So far the product definitely appears to have made a marked difference to the comfort of our home.


Rob Newman

Thank you to you all for a wonderfully easy insulation process - from my initial enquiry, to the Quotation, to the insulation being done!! Gary and his Team did a fantastic job too! We are already enjoying our cooler home! Wishing you all a happy and blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2016.



You will recall that you installed eco-insulation in my house in Florida Hills about three years ago.

I had a fire that is suspected to have started in a electrical short in my roof over the weekend. I include a picture showing how the rafters started to burn. The eco-insulation did not burn despite the clear high heat it had to endure and because of the smoke smothered the fire robbing it form oxygen needed to burn freely.

Your product indeed saved my house form burning to the ground and in the process saved the insurer from a huge payout.

Thanking you again, for your recommendation and the life and asset saving product eco-insulation.


Hi Amanda.
Thank you for the leaflet.
I would also like to say it’s great to see a business being so efficient as so many nowadays are inefficient.
You might be hearing from my husband, who is a building contractor, in the near future for installations into new homes.
Our tenants shall stay warm and cool.


Thank you so much. I could already feel the difference last night…. And especially this morning..
Actually had the heater on one bar last night and then decided I don’t need it.
So once again thank you very much, I’ve already handed your pamphlets to two of my work colleagues…


Wanted to let you know that myself and my wife are very happy that we went with ECO Insulation.  The combination of the fireplace and insulation means very cosy days and nights now in Kenton for us.  The house was positively freezing before with down drafts at night causing you to wake up with frozen faces and now no more down drafts and freezing mornings!  My wife’s comment on Saturday morning this past weekend was simply: “This insulation is FANTASTIC!!"

In fact the insulation is working so well I now need to ask you if you could come quote us on our home in PE.


Thanks to you Mark – big difference noticed already!


A big thank you to a well organised team for your prompt and efficient services. Its a great product! I will recommend your company and your excellent service anytime.


Thank you so much for the great service. The installation took about 3 hours from start to finish. Very quick and your staff were very polite, helpful and informative. We are thrilled with the results. A noticeable difference immediately. Now when we put on our gas heater it heats up the whole house. We are now also looking forward to a nice cool summer. We would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.
Winning the competition is just the icing on the cake.
Thanks again Eco-insulation


Once again, thank you!!!!!!! There is a serious difference in the temperature and its extremely noticeable..


Thank you very much for your excellent service. Efficient, friendly, clear and quick.
Myles went beyond the call of duty.
Many thanks.


Just want to let you know, I’m very happy with the insulation, every day since we moved in, I walked into a warm house after work, yesterday however, the house was not warm, it makes a huge difference, I felt the difference immediately. Love it.


The house is under lock and key most of the day with no open windows. Today being one of the hottest days to date had a much cooler internal temperature as opposed to cooler summer days without insulation.

The affects were felt the first evening after the installation. Our home had a much cooler and less humid feel than what we were accustomed to prior to installation, especially upstairs with the lower roof line. So much so that there was no need to switch the fan on which had become ritual every evening.


Thanks for the email. It made a big difference with yesterdays heat wave. The house was cool compared to the heat outside. Thanks and have a great day.


The House is keeping a more even temperature now. I have noticed that it is around 26 – 28 degrees in the house throughout the day when it is over 30 degrees outside. I definitely think it has a positive effect and is keeping the house cooler than it was last summer. I must thank you and your team for a job well done. Superb service.


I just want to say thanks for an awesome job your guys did yesterday. It sounded like they were breaking my roof at some stages but they really did do a great job!  I can already feel a difference. 


Thank you for excellent service – a good job carried out with no hassles. So far we can “hear” the difference with the insulation, it was a lot quieter in the house when we had the rain storms on Monday and Tuesday. I will let you know the difference its makes when we hit the 40 Degree Addo heat… Many Thanks 


Thanks again for everything - we can really feel the difference in our home and are glad that we’re having some real winter weather again to know that we’ve made a good investment! Best regards


I thought I would let you know that the insulation you installed has made a noticeable difference to the ambient temperature of the house. So we are happy with our purchase. Besides that though, I’ve discovered an as yet unthought-of bonus. Our house is directly (and I mean you can see the rivets in the undercarriage) below the incoming flight path of planes landing at the airport. The insulation is creating a noticeable sound damping and our teeth and crockery no longer rattle when a plane comes over! Thanks & Regards


I was very impressed with the workmanship of all your team and the end result of warming my house. I will recommend your company to anyone looking to make their house more 'winter comfortable' regards


Thank you for the installation - we already notice the difference which is a great pleasure when I have to get up and feed a young baby multiple times at night. Keep well

Ingrid vd Westhuysen

Thanks very much for a job well done. It made such a difference, at least now I don't have to dress like an Eskimo inside the house. Regards


Thanks for the installation and the leaflet sent to us.  We can already feel the difference. Best Wishes


The difference in temperature is truly amazing. I didn’t tell my two daughters that I was going to have the insulation done, because I wanted to see if they were going to notice the difference. The first night they didn’t say anything, which is understandable because Tuesday was a fairly warm day and the temperature was up. Last night however my eldest daughter mentioned that it wasn’t that cold in the house and asked her mom if she had the heater on earlier in the evening……
My wife and I once again would like to extend our thanks to you and your team for your professionalism. I will comfortably recommend Eco-Insulation to my friends.

Kind regards


Hi Guys, Thanks a lot for the great service offered. I feel a huge difference in the house which is brilliant ..I will let you know once the other parts are sorted and needs to be done. Thanks again

Marc Thomas

Thank you SO much. Your team were fantastic, a pleasure to have them in our home. So efficient, professional, friendly and polite 🙂 House feels warmer already 🙂


Thanks again for the great job; I could already feel the difference this morning. Regards


The difference is amazing. Truly.


Richard, I must tell you this..............it has been an absolute  pleasure to deal with you and your amazing sales and installation team. From the first email enquiry to the completion of the job today, I have seldom, if ever, met such a professional set up. I really want to congratulate you not only on a job well done but, by what I have seen, a fantastic, well run company. You can post my comments on your web site with pleasure, and if anyone needs confirmation, give them my cell number. Thank You, already my little house feels as if it is wrapped up in a fluffy blanket and is feeling warmer, despite the dropping temperature outside. Do your worst winter, I’m ready.(no winter don’t do your worst, there are a lot of people out there not as lucky as me ....take pity on them). Regards and Thanks


Your chaps are working here in the complex again and were most interested to know if I felt a difference since they put the 'stuff' in my ceiling. (There's a lot of stuff in there already but I doubt as useful as the Eco stuff:-) I was very pleased with the workmanship and pleasantness of your staff. Tango, John and Katligo. They are a credit to your company indeed. Tango,John and Katligo. They are a credit to your company indeed. I must also comment on  the enormous difference the stuff has made in maintaining a liveable temperature in my home. Great improvement from the devastating heat of the past few months. Great stuff!

Margaret Kollmer

Thank you, for the professional installation! I can definitely feel the difference.


Hi there, tips already saved and stored! It is not imagination, but it is so much cooler. Again you will be recommended. Have a lovely day.
(I'm having a 'lekker' COOL weekend)


My wife and I were impressed with your installation guys who were pleasant to have on site. When I got home from work I could feel the difference immediately and we had a much more comfortable sleep last night.


Now that the summer is slowly starting to arrive, finally, I can report that this insulation really works. My situation, as you might recall, is interesting in that my living room has an open beam construction, and the 38mm between the tiles and the knotty pine ceiling doesn't really lend itself to insulation, so the house ended up with an uninsulated hot zone in the middle and two insulated cool zones on the sides. The difference in temperature can clearly be felt as you walk from the one zone into the other. The difference is so great that even the floor, which is hardwood, suddenly feels cold under your bare feet as you walk into the adjacent area.

Izak Burger

I am very pleased with the Eco insulation product as it has indeed made a huge difference to the living conditions in my house. I have noticed my house is much warmer this winter when compared to last year, without Eco insulation. The difference is huge.

Mrs Perelson

I can personally recommend Eco-Insulation and their product. Efficient service and installation of a product that does what they say it will do. All in all a very pleasant experience and we are loving our warmer home. Contact them, you won't regret it.


We have been very comfortable during the summer; it was very pleasing to feel a temperature drop when coming inside from the heat, and so far with the onset of winter it has not proved necessary to have our gas fire on more than once or twice. There whole living area warms up from the gas fire on a lower setting. We are well pleased with the product, and it has lived up to our expectations again. I feel that your venture into this market was a very astute move, and hope that it grows as you expect. Hope we can stay in touch.


The house is nice and warm. I don’t think I’ve had to put a heater on all winter so far.

Wayne Mitchell

Thank you for your email, the insulation has made such a huge difference! Thank you very much!! We will definitely recommend you to our friends.

Amblewood Guest House

We noticed an immediate difference in that previously very hot areas were substantially cooler in the heat – it obviously work!

Jeremy Delport Construction

We have been very comfortable during the summer, it was very pleasing to feel a temperature drop when coming inside from the heat, and so far with the onset of winter it has not proved necessary to have our gas fire on more than once or twice. There whole living area warms up from the gas fire on a lower setting. We are well pleased with the product, and it has lived up to our expectations again.

Bob Thatcher

I have noticed a difference in the heat retention of the house in the especially in the early morning. I can feel a difference between the inside cosy temperature and the chilly morning air. On the odd warm day we have add (April) we definitely were more comfortable.

Catherine Biggs

We are very pleased with the results so far. The house is indeed considerably warmer than it usually is at this time of year. We are looking forward to a comfortable winter.

Mary Duker

Die ECO-INSULATION is baie doeltrefend ons is baie te vrede.  Ons sal dit definitief aan beveel.

Groete, Tiny Ferreira

I have found that it has made a great difference, much more comfortable in the building, and the top floor is cool enough to go up there, without having to open the windows, in fact, opening the windows is sometimes hotter!  On really hot days, the heat would pour down the staircase, it was like standing in front of a furnace door at the foot of the stairs, now there is no discernible heat coming down.  We are very satisfied with the insulation, and I have been telling people about it, and wrote about it in the local paper.

Walter Battiss Art Museum

Our house (Durbanville) was always bitterly cold in winter and very hot in summer so I decided to start researching various insulation alternatives. This included going to the Home Makers expo etc. In April 2011, I contacted Eco Insulation and asked them for a quote to insulate my roof with winter around the corner. The response was amazing, and the manner in which Richard provided information about his product, and how it worked, convinced me to go with them. Then I got the best surprise, the cost. It was really amazing. A day or two later, it was all done and our winter was much better. Interestingly with the current heat wave (Feb 2012) in the Western Cape, our house has been cool inside so this product really works. Thanks again you guys. Excellent work. It's so nice to find good old fashioned service from a supplier.


I would like to just take this opportunity to share my experience with you! We had Sean and his guys come around on Friday for the installation. What an absolute pleasure, not only were they extremely professional but just amazingly friendly & all round fantastic. We are extremely impressed with the work done, the product is a definite winner and an overall really great service experience. And to top it off, I had done a bit of research prior to the acceptance of your quote and your prices are highly competitive. A great job well done!!

Rosanne Clark

Thanks for a great product, with an event greater service. The change in environment was immediate and vast. My girlfriend and I are in 7th heaven - nice and toasty Cannot believe I have not done this years ago. Rest assured I'll be punting this products to friends and colleagues alike. Very happy customer.


I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your product. The difference in temperature between low-ceiling & high-ceiling areas have been well tested since you did the installation and proved beyond doubt that Eco-Insulation is the way to go. 


I just want to thank-you for the insulation you supplied at our offices last year. We have been in our current offices for a couple of years. The winters were extremely cold and the summers were very hot. Since your insulation was installed we have nice cool offices in summer and warm offices in winter. We never used our heaters since Eco-Insulation was installed. Last year we kept our heaters on all the time during the winter and it was not even efficient.

Schalk Jacobz

Just want to thank-you, David and your team for your work here. I already feel the difference! I don't know if it's all in the mind but the house already feels cooler and quieter!


Firstly, thank you very much for doing the installation yesterday – it has already made a huge difference to our home.


I must say both my wife and I are very impressed, we already feel the difference, too me it feels if the house is about 10 degrees cooler than before, I think for the price this is a great investment.


We are on the flight path of the airport and close to a rather busy road, we were surprised at how much quieter our home was after the insulation was installed.


Well done Eco-Insulation! We have now had a winter and a summer since you installed and it was like being in a different house. Last summer before we had the insulation it was so hot that the kids could not sleep, well enough that I say the family slept well this last summer. I kick myself for not having had it done years ago; our home is just so much more comfortable, winter, summer and then some!


The difference which your product has made to my home is palpable......so far this winter I have used heating, hardly! That has made a wonderful difference to my home and comfort.


I am happy to say that your product is definitely living up to my expectations; there is a remarkable difference between the temperature in the house this winter to that of last year. The next test will be the height of summer so let's see how that goes.


Specifically, I have noticed this past week or so that I have been able to leave the thermostat for the under-floor heating at 15deg instead of the usual +/- 20deg and the house is very cozy. Service etc was excellent, thanks for great product and service.


To the Eco-Insulation Team Just a big thank you for a job well done. I can already feel a difference during the day. Even the maid asked me why is it that the laundry room is so cool whilst she is ironing. Thanks!


Dankie, huis was gister baie koeler. Elke sent die moeite werd.


No big deal. Just acknowledging our appreciation to you for placing insulation in our roof. Two days ago our neighbours were really being punished with a temperature of 38 C. They were suffering! And we casually were relaxed sitting in our home.

Once again I say to you Willie, thank you, thank you and thank you! Was definitely the kindest operation ever done for us to have insulation fitted. So nice just to park off and relax without the unpleasant suffering.

Much thanks Willie. Ta.”


Good day

I know it's late but work has been crazy with it being the beginning of the new financial year.

I just want express our sincere thanks and appreciation for a job well done. I came home early that day and you would not even say a contractor was there. No mess no fuss and hubby said the job was done fast and efficiently. The house feels more cozy and as though there is a warm blanket over it.

Much appreciated.



Good Afternoon Chimorne,

I have just done EFT payment of my invoice.

My sincerest apologies for the delay in payment. I was unfortunately tending to an emergency on one of my vessels in PE, hence the delay in payment.

The insulation is already make a huge difference and we are very happy with your service and the product.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Best Regards


Hello Mark

Just to let you know that we are pleased with insulation.  It definitely was warmer.

Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely