Home Insulation

Why is insulation important?

Home – it’s somewhere you want to feel safe and warm. That involves using energy to heat or cool your property, generate hot water and power all your appliances and devices.

But did you know between 25% to 35% of heat is lost through the roof in an uninsulated home. Insulating your loft, attic or flat roof is an effective way to reduce heat loss and reduce your heating bills.

With the RIGHT roof insulation your house could be 10° cooler In Summer and 7° warmer In Winter

Ceiling insulation is a great place to start when improving the comfort and energy rating of your home. Ceiling insulation reduces the amount of heat that enters your home in summer, minimises the need for air conditioning, and limits heat escaping in winter, which lowers the heating time required to maintain the same internal temperature.

Is it not time to make your home more energy efficient, reduce your carbon emissions and lower your energy bills?

It's time to get some climate control with quality Roof Insulation!

Insulation insights

  • Around 90% of South African homes are not insulated. Most homes are inadequately insulated
  • A fully insulated house needs up to a third less energy to heat it as an un-insulated house
  • Families living in insulated homes had fewer sick days and doctor visits
  • Many older homes don’t get as warm inside as the recommended 18°c in winter. Indoor temperatures below 16°c increase the risk of respiratory disease (World Health Organisation)

Eco-Insulation Insulation quick facts

  • Durable – Eco-Insulation will not settle or reduce it’s performance over time and is backed by our Product Durability Warranty
  • Fire Safe – Eco-Insulation Cellulose Fibre insulation is non-flammable and meets all the relevant fire standards by the SABS.
  • High Performance – Is not affected by moisture, mould or mildew, and is naturally resistant to insect and rodent attack, and exceeds all requirements of the SA Building Code
  • Safe to touch – Eco-Insulation is 100% recycled newspaper so there’s no nasty itching or scratching. It’s completely safe and does not require protective clothing for handling or install.
  • Local & proud – Eco-Insulation is proudly made right here in South Africa.
  • Recycled content – Eco-Insulation is manufactured using 100% recycled newspapers.
  • Safer indoor air quality – Eco-Insulation does not contain any added chemicals such as formaldehyde based binders or fibres that can be breathed into your lungs

Choose Eco-Insulation today for Quality Ceiling Insulation

If you’re searching for a company that offers roof insulation installation, Eco-Insulation can help keep your home feeling warm and comfortable at all times.

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