Roof Insulation South Africa - Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose Fibre is a grey-coloured fibre insulation material made from recycled newspapers.  It is treated with inorganic salts, borax and boric acid, and is dry sprayed into the area being insulated. Cellulose Fibre is manufactured locally in South Africa, made to the toughest SABS Standards and TIPSASA approved.  The product is 100% fire resistant and exceeds the highest of South African building codes.  Cellulose fibre is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, safe to handle and allergy free.

There are many reasons why Cellulose Insulation is so popular but when all is said and done the bottom line is that it simply works better and lasts longer than other types of insulation material.

It is the only affordable and also  commonly used insulation that can achieve a R value of 2.5 Thermal Resistance with only 100mm so it fits neatly between the joints of a modern truss roof.

Eco-Insulation guaranteed roof insulation is installed without gaps and therefore:

  • No gaps means no loss of performance;
  • Installed by trained professionals;
  • Includes a lifetime guarantee.

It starts with controlling heat transfer

Our roof insulation is incredibly effective at reducing heat transfer through ceilings. This helps your indoor temperatures stay constant and more comfortable all year round – and reduces your reliance on cooling and heating appliances.

It's time to get some climate control with quality Roof Insulation!

Our Cellulose Fibre roof insulation stops heat transfer by up to 80% in summer and 50% in winter

Insulation with a lifetime guarantee

Our Eco-Insulation blow-in insulation ensures there are absolutely no gaps to let heat in or out. With rolls or batts, even a tiny 2mm gap can reduce the insulation’s efficiency by 50%. With Eco-Insulation , every crevice can be perfectly filled. Best of all, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Better for you and the planet

Eco-Insulation cellulose insulation is fire, vermin and fungal resistant, allergy free, environmentally friendly and cost effective. It won’t encourage insect and rodents – unlike other forms of insulation materials  – there are no known health risks for installers or homeowners.

Increased comfort in your home

Typical outcomes of an insulation upgrade in an existing home is a 6 to 7 degree Celsius increase in the overnight ambient temperature in winter and approximately 5 degrees Celsius cooler in summer.

Used in over 45,000 South African homes and businesses

Our Cellulose Fibre ceiling insulation is reliably performing across SA and the rest of the country. In fact, we’re South Africa’s largest manufacturer and supplier of manufactured blow-in insulation.

Easy to install –installation fast and easy

Installation is quick and efficient; depending on your roofing type, installation is done either through the trapdoor or through the roof.  Typically, a three-bedroom home is fully installed in three to four hours

How we Manufacture Roof Insulation

The production process of cellulose thermal roof insulation starts with recycled newspapers, which is shredded and mixed with boric acid to aid in fire-retardation and combat mould growth and fend off pests, wood decay and corrosion. This process is followed by a high speed fiberisation process,  packaged and ready to be transported and installed.

How Cellulose Insulation Works in your Ceiling

One of the most important characteristics of insulation is the degree to which the material air tightens the house envelope to stop air leakage.

Air flow moving through or around insulation will drastically reduce its thermal performance. Our cellulose insulation can be used in both existing homes and new construction. It is made from tiny pieces of paper, so it can effectively fit around obstacles like ceiling joists or recessed light fixtures.

Having insulation that can be custom-fit means that it will perform better, effectively holding in heat during the winter and keeping out heat during the summer, improving your home’s thermal resistance.