Customer Testimonials - Savings

Pleasure Chimorne

You are better priced and more professional than our previous sub-contractor.

Expect business from us.


We had ECO Insulation and geyser blankets installed. We found your work team very pleasant. They worked neatly and cleanly. As far as the ECO Insulation product is concerned we noticed an immediate difference in our house. Night one after the installation was the first winter night that we switched our heaters off before going to sleep. We did this as a cost saving exercise, and given that heating appliances are the largest electricity consumer, if the first week of switching off heaters is anything to go by it looks like we will definitely be saving money on our electricity bills. It also seems like the sound absorption (acoustic) properties of the material have made some areas of the house noticeably quieter. Regards

Paul Leonard

We did not monitor officially but we feel it is money well spent. We would not have had it done here if we had any doubts as this is our second installation.

Vic Sapier

As a result of all of this, our heating bill is significantly lower this winter.

Lisa Zauber

We have had experience of Eco insulation before, having had it installed in a previous house, so we basically knew what to expect and we were not disappointed. The installation went smoothly and your team are professional and clearly know what they are doing. The effect was immediate – we were fortunate to have had the installation done just before the first cold snap and it has made the world of difference. With just one heater on (usually the gas heater) and the passage door closed, we can heat the whole living area and don’t need to sit on top of the heater to get any effect. It has also meant that we have stopped running an oil heater all night in our daughter’s bedroom and have installed a wall panel heater which now adequately heats the room. As a result of all of this, our heating bill is significantly lower this winter. Thanks and regards


Hi Richard, Thank you for a very professional job by you and your team...We are more than satisfied with the difference in temperature in our home and we look forward to a nice cozy winter with a definite saving on electricity bills.....we should have done it long ago.....we will definitely recommend you to family and friends...


I would like to give you some feed back on the insulation that you installed in my house's roof. Before Before we had the insulation installed we had quite cold winters and hot summer in the house. In the summer we used to have to leave all windows and doors open to get airflow through the house to cool it down and that did also not always help. We eventually purchased a mobile air conditioner to cool us down where we were sitting and this used to use a lot of power to run this aircon all day long. In the winters we used to walk around in jackets and we had to run the heaters all the time to get the temperatures in the bedrooms higher. The house was like a fridge and not very cosy. Our electrical bill in the winter used to be very high due to the constant heaters that were running inside the house. After We have a aircon in the main bedroom and i have now disconnected the power cable because it is no longer needed. In the summer the house is a constant 24 C and nice and comfortable. We are now a lot more inside the house in the summer during the very hot days because it is nice and cool inside. In the winter we close the bedroom windows and curtains at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon and then we have the house nice and warm throughout the evening and during the very cold days we light a fire in the fire place and the house is so warm inside that we can walk around in a t-shirt and not realise that it is infact so cold outside. Our electrical bill has reduced compared to the previous year and we use a lot less energy to get the house at a comfortable temperature. I would recommend this product to anyone because of its efficiency and you are welcome to use me as a reference to any potential customers. Thank you for your professional service!

Leon von Benecke