Energy efficiency, and the usage of non-hazardous, low embedded energy building material is key to the built environment professional’s range of green building choices.

As a solution, Eco-Insulation, a South African thermal insulating material supplier, actively promotes the use of its green, SABS approved, loose fill, cellulose fibre based thermal roof insulation as an ideal candidate for all three categories of green building.

As a building material, cellulose insulation boosts potential Green Star™ credits via the following:

  • The product is people-friendly and non-toxic. It is zero-emission. It has a low energy footprint. Reliable sources suggest that cellulose uses 30 – 40 times less energy to insulate an equivalent area when compared with fibre glass.
  • The product promotes sustainable use of a waste paper stream. The authoritative Cellulose Manufacturers’ Association in the USA estimates that insulating an average home of 140m2 of ceiling area will recycle as much newsprint as would be used by newspaper readers in that home for 40 years.
  • Efficiency – air leakage through cracks, voids, and gaps is significant in the average building- being responsible for up to one-third of an average home’s energy efficiency. Cellulose is a excellent at blocking air. Heat is exchanged and lost through convection; when drafty currents of air within the house, wall cavities or attics, distribute heat to other locations. This is technically different from air leakage where the heated air mass is actually expelled from the home. Eco-Insulation spreads in the roof area during installation, filling every nook and cranny. Tightly packed, it provides a thermally efficient, cost effective, and comfortable solution.
  • Performance – SABS-approved Eco-Insulation provides a thermal resistance of 0.038 W/m.K, which compares highly favourably with the top end loose fill insulation options. However, given the efficiency of the product in sealing off attic bypasses and drafts, its performance puts it into another category. In certain building designs under extreme summer conditions, buildings have been observed to be up to 8 – 10 ºC cooler, and considerably warmer in winter.
    Eco-Insulation is installed professionally by qualified agents. They are available nationwide and can be involved in both new and retrofit projects. They offer a professional, mess-free, fully turnkey service.Information on specifying Eco-Insulation can be found at or specifers may go direct to Autospec or the Specifier Online services.

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