Eco-Insulation at Durbanville Prep – The Inside Story

Eco-Insulation at Durbanville Prep - The Inside Story

Eco-Insulation was recently installed over a large area of ceiling in the classrooms at Durbanville Preparatory School

The problem of excessive electricity consumption lay in reducing reliance on air conditioning during seasonal temperature extremes - and also preparing for possible load shedding -  very much part of the South African horizon, given the cutbacks on Eskom's planned infrastructure upgrade spend this year as the grid nears capacity.

(Pic) One of many air conditioning units inside a classroom at the school - 
now seldom used due to effective thermal insulation.

Eco-Insulation is ideally suited to working public buildings due to:
a) Minimum disruption

(Pic)  All  it takes is the pneumatic hose, fed 
through a tile in the roof that is removed.

(Pic) Eco-Insulation's expert staff member gets to grips with pumping eco-friendly recycled cellulose SABS-approved thermal roof insulation through the hole in the roof. The product assumes a fluid consistency and spreads out in the ceiling with minimal human intervention. It rapidly fills every nook and cranny, assuring a uniform 100% rate of coverage across the ceiling area.

- The Eco-Insulation team works in the background at Durbanville Preparatory School whilst classes are happening. Minimal impact.

- Minimum disruption to roof infrastructure - single tiles are removed - minimal potential for damage.

b). Convenient

An important part of Eco-Insulation's quote is the removal and approved disposal of any existing non functioning insulation product from the roof space. Eco-Insulation has an approved method of removing and disposal of skin-unfriendly glass fibre material, which traditionally presents a huge headache for property owners due to the fact that many established municipal waste facilities will not accept this type of builders' waste.

"A turnkey service in all sense of the word" says Richard Ellis, general manager of Eco-Insulation and principal installer in the Cape Town area. "And its SABS - approved !"