It is surprising how much misinformation exists in the insulation market, some of it spread with mischievous intentions.

For example, we recently came across an instance where a real estate agent was informing the market that cellulose insulation loses its R-value, and thereby its effectiveness because it settles with time.

Of course, this is pure nonsense. Our product has been tested and approved under all South African Climatic zones as defined by the CSIR and also the SA Bureau of Standards. All factors are taken into account when our installer team pumps insulation into your roof.

We are proud holders of the Certificate of Compliance from the Thermal Insulation Products and Systems Association of South Africa (TIPSASA). In order to get this rating and accolade, we achieved our SABS mark of approval and passed several tests as conducted by CSIR approved laboratory facilities. And that includes a full fire rating in our class of occupancy also.

Eco-Insulation is laid in your ceiling or wall in a way that ensures if compliance with the Regulation A20 Classification and Designation of Occupancies applicable to Energy Efficiency XA Energy usage in buildings (SANS).

What the real estate agent did not share with readers in his article, was that Eco-Insulation cellulose fibre insulation is one of few products that actually achieve 100% coverage above the ceiling area being insulated. This cannot be claimed by any other common 'thermal blanket' insulation, which is often laid in a careless way and allows draughts to penetrate the open spaces, giving the ceiling or roof hot and cold spots.

Eco-Insulation installers have access to sophisticated open-source software thermal imaging devices, which allow them to identify hot or cold spots in the ceiling or wall that is being insulated.

So if you have any questions or hear misleading information of this kind and want clarification, do ask us. We are waiting to help you on 0860 105 231.

PS. Our brand is so respected that we are often called in to repair poor insulation installations done by other operators, which are clearly not working.